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Innocent Warriors© Self Defense for Women

Innocent Warriors Self Defense Seminar Series

Ever thought of what it would take to get yourself out of a scary and most likely dangerous personal situation? If you answered no then you are probably under the impression that something terrible can only happen to "other" people. For those who answered yes, at least you are aware of the real world that we all have to survive in (if you are interested in understanding more on this mindset check out this recent post,
Rousing the Female Warrior Spirit). Acknowledging that bad people are out there is not paranoia, its a fact, and it doesn't mean that we are overly aggressive women because we want to be confident enough to walk through life knowing that if a situation did arise putting us or our families in danger, that we at least 
have some training in how to deal with it.

Meghan Ventura 2nd Dan Hapkido

Being  a women and marital artist, I've seen a lot of "self defense" courses and honestly they have always left me questioning that there had to be a better way to train for these situations. Most courses jump right into how to smash some guy's Adam's Apple into his throat and then go through a number of complex techniques that I know as a martial artist would not work in a real life situation, especially for women. 

Innocent Warriors©  is a multi-part, custom series created by my husband (also a martial artist) and I with information from long time experts in self defense and the criminal field. Produced in an informal, women only private setting, Innocent Warriors is designed to provide an understanding of the dynamics of self defense from a women's perspective and the situations that require its use or more preferably the avoidance of it. Whether you take one, several or all of the sessions in this series, the focus will always be on intuition, situational awareness, control and escape with well thought out, realistic approaches and techniques.

Contact us to register today!

Session 1, Interpersonal Aggression - Domestic / Acquaintance / Workplace / Children 

Session 2, Anger and Hostility - Dangerous Behavior / Road Rage / Interpersonal

Session 3, Violence Under the Influence - Assault / Drunk and Disorderly / You Under the Influence

Session 4, Criminal Violence - Mugging / Stalking / Sexual Assault / 911 Calls

Session 5, Captive Situation Survival -  Kidnapping / Hostage / Captivity Abroad

Session 6, Self Defense Training -  Self Defense Practice Session for Prior Attendees 

The cost for each session is just $25/person or purchase all six for $100. Check out the schedule for the dates and times for each upcoming session on our Schedule Page. If you are thinking about attending a session, pre-registration is required as space is limited and we prefer to send the course curriculum ahead of the session for your review prior to coming in. 

**Do you have a work or social group that could benefit from taking Innocent Warriors together? Please give us a call and ask about a custom class just for your group and our group rates!

An excerpt from the Introduction...

The best time to avoid a potential attack is before it happens, trusting in your instincts. We call this situational awareness. Your intuition, combined with your common sense, can help get you out of trouble, even before you get into it. We will discuss the differences between distinct situations and levels of aggression, what to expect if you find yourself in one and how to be best prepared to react. 

Attackers aren't always strangers who jump out of dark alleys. The majority of violent attacks are made by a prior acquaintance, a person minding their own business could be assaulted by someone under the influence, and given the wrong situation anyone can be attacked by a neighbor or spouse. That's where important self-defense skills called negotiation and de-escalation come into play.  

De-escalating a situation means speaking or acting in a way in attempt to calm the situation down and/or prevent things from getting worse. The classic example of de-escalation is giving a robber your money rather than trying to argue, fight or run. Negotiation is the communication part of de-escalation. For example, if someone harasses you... (read the entire Intro on our blog)

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