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Coming Monday, October 2nd 2017

Urban Survival Combat

* There have been over 750 Active shooter incidents worldwide with over 8500 casualties, 486 total US deaths between 2000-2013 (not including the shooters)

Everyone pretty much knows that our styles of martial arts, Hapkido and Guazabara are all about close in, hand to hand CQC/CQB (Close Quarter Combat/Battle) and close combat is common in urban combat theaters. But we realize that there is much more to self-protection, especially in today’s crazy world. With all of the broad daylight robberies and single and recently double armed active shooters, the customary methods of the past truly require a different, perhaps less traditional perspective.

* Only 2.4 million people have trained in any sort of self defense. With 300 million in the US, Training is the only way to make yourself successful in these circumstances.

So we created this street clothes, less formal ongoing urban survival course that pulls from our martial arts techniques (along with other pertinent discipline's) but examines specific situations that any of us could find ourselves in. The course is structured by first outlining one of the numerous scenarios happening almost daily and determining the best solutions from a combative perspective that will push the odds in our favor to survive it. Then we break it down further in to weekly workshops.

* Active shooter average; backgrounds of less than professionals, 5'8", 165 lbs, Not a tactical person, just a person on a mission.

These Workshops are designed to provide pertinent exercises and drills that could be useful in defending that specific threat. The scenarios themselves are the culmination of workshops leading up to real world situations that you must use your training and instincts to find your way to safety. In this way the student must work through realistic thought processes to determine the best course of action given a fluid, dynamic and hypothetically dangerous situation. After the scenario activity is complete, a new set of workshops for a new scenario is selected for study next.

* The people in the building ARE the first responders.

Workshops are held every Monday evening from 7pm to 8pm. We will study each scenario any where from 4 to 6 weeks. When the workshops are complete, the following Saturday will be spent running through live situations designed to bring out the tactics and strategies outlined and practiced in the workshops. These can run anywhere from 1 to 2 hours and will normally be held at 12 noon, Saturday and may be held in the school or off site on location. Attire is loose fitting street clothing you would normally find yourself wearing out in public. When we are in the school, you can either go bare foot or wear mat shoes designed to protect the mat.  No real weapons are allowed in the school, if you conceal carry, please be sure to secure your weapon prior to coming in the school. If you are epileptic or subject to seizures, please advise the instructors upfront.

* Unarmed citizens were able to restrain the shooter in only 13% of the incidents.

It may never happen to you, but this thought provoking class is as much interesting and fun as it is serious. Now is the time to learn the steps necessary to defend yourself, friends and/or family members. Classes are limited to 15 students, so be sure to sign up soon, spots are going quickly.

New at Phoenix Dragon is the ultimate in self protection and urban survival training. 

USC American Flag

This exciting reality based training program examines today’s potential threats to you and your family. Through workshops specifically developed to address each threat, we will examine in hands on workshops methods and procedures that highlight the best (and worst) survival instincts, tactics and strategies (you must be 18 years or older to register). This hands on course, utilizing knives, pistols and long guns (assault rifles, shot guns etc.) is designed to investigate successful outcomes while placed in both dynamic and hypothetically dangerous situations. Just some examples of the scenarios we will be examining are:


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Urban Survival Combat

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