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To see some of our kids in Hapkido action check out our Tumblr page... ​PhoenixDragonMartiAlarts.tumblr.com

Meghan & David

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Phoenix Dragon Yin Yang

"The test of a good teacher is not how many questions he can ask his pupils that they will answer readily, but how many questions he inspires them to ask him which he finds hard to answer"

For all its force and energy we also understand that some of the most basic principles such as balance and coordination can be instilled in even our youngest students. Beginning at age 3, our Kidkido and Youth programs bring children together, teaching discipline and basic techniques that build confidence and camaraderie among our younger class members. 

Your instructors are David, Meghan and Ella Ventura, students of Grand Master Edgardo Perez, one of only a few 8th Dan Hapkido masters in the U.S. Grand Master Perez himself studied Hapkido in Korea under Grand Master Yu Chong Su. Trained in both Hapkido and Guazabara and certified by Grand Master Perez as instructors, we take a great deal of pride in creating an environment in Port Angeles that is safe and fun to train in for all. 

This school and the Arts we teach are our life, our love and our passion and it is that passion, you will find, that differentiates us from most other gyms and studios. Come in and share our fire!

Recently voted BEST Martial Arts School of the Peninsula 2018

Whether you are considering a martial art for yourself or child or simply want to stay in shape, please consider Phoenix Dragon. We teach two different, realistic disciplines of martial art styles, our custom Innocent Warriors© Women's Self Defense multi-session series and most recently our innovative Urban Survival Response Training course. Because health and fitness are equally important whether you are studying martial arts or not, we also provide customized cardio kickboxing classes to cover all of your fitness needs.

Our school is a family oriented facility reaching youth and adult students here in Port Angeles, nearby Sequim and Joyce and as far away as Port Townsend, Forks and across the Washington Olympic Peninsula. Here at Phoenix Dragon our students learn power. Not so much the use of power as the control and ultimately the mastery of it. In Hapkido, it's just that, learning to control yourself in order to control your opponent. In Guazabara, a tactical edged weapon system, we train in both offensive and defensive edged weapon tactics. Our very own custom cardio kickboxing fitness program has been developed to keep your heart rate up while strengthening your core and everything around it, whether you are a martial artist or just want to be physically fit like one.

​​​​The December, 2018 News Letter is out... find it Here!!!

Welcome to Phoenix Dragon Martial Arts Self Defense & Fitness

Are you researching martial arts schools? We are proud to provide you with our LINEAGE back to the creator of Hapkido here for your reference.

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Phoenix Dragon Martial Arts Students

Our Hapkido classes include Kid-Kido (ages 3-5), a parent/guardian participation class,   Youth and Junior Programs supporting ages 5 through 12. From age 12 on, our Teenage Program introduces the student to the full adult curriculum while our Adult Hapkido class supports everyone over 16. Gauzabara, a Tactical Edged Weapon martial art system is for ages 18 and over. Warrior Fit is a custom designed multi-level core workout program developed by Meghan for all ages that want to take their physical and mental health to an all new level no matter what kind of shape you may be starting out in. Family/Group discounts are available and we always offer free first trials on any of our classes and programs. Please Contact Us as private lessons are also available for each of our offerings upon request.


Attention Peninsula College Students, Staff & Faculty... Present your valid PC ID and receive over 10% off of any of our classes! 

We will also pass this same 10% discount on to First RespondersCoast Guard and other Military, Fire and Law Enforcement branches

We also have a brand new course called Urban Survival Response Training designed for Today's unfortunate realities. You have to check this out!

Our custom Innocent Warriors© Women only Self Defense Seminar program is a unique mutli-session, revolving series that educates the student on varying and increasingly more dangerous scenarios. Each session focuses on potentially violent situations and how to best avoid them or deal with them in order to escape if they occur.

Finally, the community we serve is very important to us and in this community as with so many others across the country, at-risk youths struggle with tough decisions that can effect the rest of their lives. It is our experience that troubled youths can benefit greatly from our self defensive form of Martial Arts together with our style of teaching. Often simply having a place that provides consistency, exercise and structure can make a huge difference in these youths lives. To that end we have developed S.M.A.R.T., Supportive Martial Arts Reaching Teens, a comminty sponsored outreach program for troubled teens.

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Phoenix Dragon Yin Yang