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Our Youth Program is for ages between 3 through 9 and our Junior Program is for ages 9 through 12. The Youth program has simplified Hapkido curriculum so that small arms and legs can execute the techniques safely. The Junior program adds more detail to the techniques to prep the student for the adult curriculum. The rank structure in either program is the same, in that a student can work his or her way up from white belt to youth black belt. Once the student reaches an age over 12, the student may move to the  Teenage Program where they may train in the adult curriculum and pursue an adult black belt.

Phoenix Dragon Youth Classes

 ​Instructors Meghan, David and daughter Ella strive to make Phoenix Dragon Martial Arts a safe, family oriented facility. We take great pride in our youth programs designed to instill structure and confidence in children from ages 3 through 15. Activities promote healthy, happy children and all such activities are wonderful additions to a child's life. But unlike football or soccer, learning a martial art, especially at a young age is a life skill that they will carry with them throughout their entire lives (check out our recent article on this subject... A Lifelong Lesson.)

"The learning environment is fabulous for all ages. My husband and my son both take classes and love it. As a parent I appreciate the cooperative spirit and family-friendly atmosphere. Older students mentor the younger ones and help to teach techniques and model expected behavior. There is nothing that I would change!"

Check out a couple of our youth students in this great Hapkido Demonstration...

Phoenix Dragon Youth Students

SMART is a sponsored program designed to give troubled teens or teens in need of additional support and a place to go. Phoenix Dragon Martial Arts, in conjunction with city and local business support strive to provide our sponsored youths confidence, respect, discipline and most important, a true  sense of belonging and a support structure possibly lacking in their own individual lives. Using martial arts as a vehicle, we emphasize the importance of good decision making and being positive role models for others.

Not only do we need sponsors for membership, but also for smaller items like uniforms, patches, etc. Every donation both small and large is greatly appreciated by all!

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Youth Hapkido Martial Arts

Hapkido Junior Black Belts

Supportive Martial Arts

Reaching Teens

Two main issues children have to contend with are bullies and strangers. So our strategy in teaching them is to protect themselves from a would-be bully (we don’t teach children or adults to fight per se ) and to evade/escape a stranger with unknown intentions. As the child grows up the number of possibly bad situations also increases until they reach teenager and begin to study as adults.

Hapkido Junior Black Belts

  • 1st DAN Ella Ventura 2014
  • 1st DAN Kylie Hutton 2016
  • ​1st DAN NaTasha Zavodny 2016
  • 1st DAN Andrew Halberg 2016
  • 1st DAN Sophia Miller 2017
  • 1st DAN Ryerson Doughterty 2018
  • 1st DAN Piper Williams 2018
  • ​1st DAN Eve Breithaupt 2020
Hapkido Junior Black Belts

Phoenix Dragon's first Black Belt Promotion
Ella Ventura & Master Perez

 At our school we teach Hapkido, a Korean self defensive martial art. It does not involve sparing competitions between students in the class or between other such organizations. As in our adult classes, our Youth Hapkido programs do not instruct students how to attack. We teach only defensive techniques and philosophies for escape if attacked. Our students learn to work together in the same manner as our adult class, but concentrate on more basic principles and techniques. 

We also understand that the Home Schooling population has a more flexible schedule than full time, daytime students. To that end we offer two morning Hapkido classes specifically to cater to this group of children under 15. Please ask about our special discount for Home Schoolers. 

​Here is a great video of two of our students, father/daughter showing off their stick work..

Ms. Ventura with Master Perez
Ms Ventura as a yellow belt

To see some of the kids in Hapkido action check out our Tumblr page... ​PhoenixDragonMartiAlarts.tumblr.com

To get things started, Kid-Kido (ages 3-5) is a parent or guardian participation class provided as part of our Youth Program. Come on the mat with your child and help them learn life long traits such as balance, coordination, focus and respect. Kid-Kido shares the time slot with the Youth Program. 

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