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Warrior Fit @PhoenixDragon

NEURO FIT (New this spring, 2024)

For those of us that are getting on in years and maybe have mobility and/or cognitive issues, we offer this unique Neuro/Cardio, Balance and Movement class produced in a great environment with a fun, social atmosphere. Come workout with us and get Neuro Fit!

No one is too young or old to attend this class, even if you require a chair or an assistant/coach for moral/physical support. This class begins with core breathing and yoga type stretching while seated to get things warmed up. Then, taken from the Martial Arts exercise playbook utilizing the latest in exercise technology (including reactionary light training), this program works both body and mind, supporting and even boosting balance, coordination and cognitive function.

Each one hour class never finishes the same to keep things interesting with some type of unique circuit training to get your blood pumping and joints loose while gaining balance and freeing movement.

*** Attention; There is no cost to you or your care giver to attend this class if you have been diagnosed with Parkinson Disease (PD).

Carrie "I have tried a lot of things to lose weight/get in shape, but have always stopped doing them. This is totally different! I really enjoy both hapkido and cardio kickboxing, even though I know I am going push my body to its limits. I love that each class is different and not some routine that we are going to go through the motions to. Thank you for being here and for being so supportive!"

Fred "At 74 years I was having serious health issues. Neither did I have the energy I wanted. My flexibility had diminished and I wasn't sleeping well. My emotional stability wasn't very good either.  The Phoenix Dragon's [Senior Fitness] program has renewed my vitality. The health issues are pretty much gone, and now I can actually bend over easily to tie my shoes. I again feel pretty good about myself.  David and Meghan have given me one of my life's better experiences."

   With Warrior Fit you will:

  • Burn up to 1000 calories per hour
  • Increase muscle while burning fat
  • Build stamina and endurance
  • Improve athletic performance  
  • Get in the best shape of your life!

"After running (jogging) myself (and my knees) into the ground for years I knew there had to be something more to working out. More ways to stay healthy, more ways to stay fit and definitely more ways to have fun! So with my martial arts background as inspiration I developed Warrior Fit. This program utilizes many concepts from Cardio Kickboxing and customize core strengthening routines which are complemented by our martial arts offerings, allowing students to increase their stamina, physical conditioning and flexibility and most of all strengthen their core. Warrior Fit does not involve physical contact between competitors - It's an abdominal, core and cardio program that allows you to work at your own pace yet continue to push yourself  as your stamina and strength increases."  

Train for health, train for fitness, train for life! Meghan, Phoenix Dragon Fitness Instructor

Each Warrior Fit workout session will be different from the next and will focus on strength training and cardiovascular endurance using calisthenics, plyometrics, body weight resistance exercises, martial arts techniques, kettlebells, free weights, combat ropes, weighted mace, rings, rope climbs and other equipment, all guided by Meghan.  The sessions are designed to be efficient, meaning you will burn more calories and gain more muscle in less time than your average workout and there's always something different, no two classes are alike.​ 

Warrior Fit @PhoenixDragon

No experience necessary, all levels of fitness, age and experience are welcome and all exercises can be tailored to fit each individual student's needs. Improve your confidence, strength and overall fitness level and have fun in the process. No lengthy dance moves, just a pure martial arts inspired workout. It will produce results! Recommended personal training equipment for this class is open finger kickboxing gloves and wrist support, attire is workout shorts or sweats. As with all of our classes, your first time is free, so come in and try us out. We also provide personal (private) training so be sure to ask when you call.

Warrior Fit

Warrior Fit Phoenix Dragon Martial Arts

Saturday (9am) drop-in rates for Warrior Fit are just $5, so come by anytime to try it out... 

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Jamie "I thought I was in decent shape at least, that is until I took Meghan's [Warrior Fitness] class. After just the first class I felt like a complete marshmellow. There isn't a health club or fitness center around that does what Meghan does and she's right there with us the whole way through. I'm not sure how she does it, but she is an inspiration to us all!"

Jill “Great mother & child class! We got to work out together and encourage each other through some of the toughest yet rewarding workouts I’ve personally ever experienced."

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